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I have 2 text messages showing on my curve...I check all the folders and there ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    How do you delete message icon?


    I have 2 text messages showing on my curve...I check all the folders and there are no messages in there but phone shows the text icon with the number 2 next to it...i removed the battery and sim and still does not go away...anyone know how to remove it? Thanks in advance!

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    Go into your messages and go to the very top, where the date line is and go to Menu and click "Mark Prior Opened". See if this gets rid of them.
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    did you separate your sms/mms and email folders and hide the main folder titles "Messages"?

    you have to find the "Messages" folder so that you can see ALL messages at once and find those 2.

    a lot of times messages of updates or something similar from your service provider or network will be sent to you and this is the folder where they would go...
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    I had this problem a while ago and this is what T-Mobile told me to do. First, back up your BlackBerry with the desktop manager and then wipe your phone. then restore the information back to your Blackberry and the icons will disappear. I had tried a battery pull and turning the phone off and then on again...and this is the only thing that worked for me.

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