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Originally Posted by cjeezy Ok thanks. ATT did not give me any info about this. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjeezy View Post
    Ok thanks. ATT did not give me any info about this. I currently don't have a blackberry email address as I just use my work one for everything. Do I need to call ATT or should I just click the link and set everything up myself?
    Do you have a Blackberry Data Plan? Thats the only way you get that email address. If you do, is it company provided? (Some Corporate IT policies don't allow BIS usage)
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    Sent items still appearing

    Hi there.

    I hide my sent emails in the General Options section, but I still keep receiving sent emails to my Blackberry. Somebody mentioned adding a filter in Gmail to skip the inbox and mark as read. I can see the option to 'skip the inbox' but how do you mark it as read?

    Also, I cannot change my BIS settings. There is no filter menu at all. All I have is a page where I can add my username and password for an email account, but no filters. I am with O2.


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