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Hello, I have searched for this topic and did not find an answer, hopefully I'm ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question How do I mark some records private?



    I have searched for this topic and did not find an answer, hopefully I'm not being redundant here...

    I am a recent Palm/Treo convert to BB Curve 8320. I am trialing the CompanionLink software so I can continue using Palm Desktop to sync my data (so far so good).

    The one main drawback is I have certain records (addresses and memo's) marked private in Palm Desktop. In the past when using my Treo, those records would be locked on my HH and only unlocked when I chose to unhide private records. Everything else would be accessible, just not the private marked records.

    With my new BB, I see those records even though the records are marked private and still selected as hidden. I've tried using the password protection on my BB, but I don't want to have to enter my PW every time I turn on my BB.

    Is there a way to mask only private records, but have access to everything else?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcom to the Stacks Andie. Passwording the whole device is the only option I know of, If you have a Memory card you can make a File that doesn't display with out using Explore. But alas this on works for Media and not for Documents or Address book. In the address Book ther are 2 was to seperate addresses. Fileter By Business or Personal. if you have it set to display personal all the business one willbe hidden, but any BB user would still be able to see them, THe PW is the main security for BBs
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