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I wanna clarify some rumors i keep on hearing about the AIM tmobile provides with ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    hey need some help with aim


    I wanna clarify some rumors i keep on hearing about the AIM tmobile provides with the blackberry. WHen i first went online with it i only had 30 buddies, and somebody told me thats all i will ever have, but then the guy at the t-mobile store said that wasn't true that i needed to synchorize my computer and my blackberry to get all my buddies? somebody school me and teach me how to do this, thanks

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    ~via BB ( I have never heard of this 30 buddy rumour before. The aim you have on your bb should automatically synch with your entire buddy list. I do not think you have to "synch" your aim with your comp....if so, I have no idea about how to go about doing this.

    If you have some extra cash, you might want to check into jivetalk, it's the best instant messenger app for the blackberry.

    Hope you get synched up soon

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    30 buddies is true! Plus the AIM for T-Mobile isn't so good, get JiveTalk like jaesternback said. JiveTalk has MSN, YIM and AIM all in one and I would say it's the best one out.
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    I had the same issue with my aim, only allowing 30ppl. I just started to use my sidekick again just for the aim & yahoo feature.

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    AIM 2.0 I heard won't have this 30 buddy limit.

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    i used the jivetalk demo and it was cool, but the curve versions of any IM app all use data, so while jivetalk did consolidate apps, it didn't offer any functionality beyond what was offered in the oem clients for free, though i don't have a huge amount of aim contacts.

    there are numerous other free IM apps now that the blackberry has seen a surge in consumer usage, such as eqo, ebuddy, mig33. i used mig33 and eqo and they all seemed pretty similar to jivetalk, but free. ebuddy is brand new so i haven't tried it out. i don't remember if mig33 and eqo have that 30 people limit though.
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    every aim client i have used besides jivetalk had the stupid 30 contact limit
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