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Hello I want to install de last version if the firmware on my bby 8310 ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    help with firmware upgrade 8310


    Hello I want to install de last version if the firmware on my bby 8310 but I'm using vodafone france which country version is compatible with my phone I'm a nuw user on bby I'm frightening about make a mistake with my phone

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    Carrier is not important, John. Just need to make sure the OS is specific to your 8310, and if the OS is not from Vodafone, to delete the vendor.xml file, which you'll find as a step in the upgrade instructions.

    If you click on the FAQ link in my signature you'll find links to threads for current OS's by device as well as a thread that details how to install/upgrade your OS.

    Please post back if you have further questions.


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    As long as you download the newest OS specific for the 8310 you should be fine as it was said above that you need to delete the vendor.xml file you can find it by going to program files/common fimes/ rim or research i. Motion / app loader or shared folder i believe is where the file is located. Sorry cant remember of the top of my head.
    (you can not use other models OS on blakcberry OS is specific to each model number but you can use OS from other carriers )

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