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Please help somebody!! I upgrade my OS on my 8320 and worked for like and ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Help With Curve PLEASE!!!


    Please help somebody!!
    I upgrade my OS on my 8320 and worked for like and hour and then it went dead!!! It wont start, my PC doesn't detect it and a red light blinks twice all the time!!!
    Can you please help me!!!

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    Try doing a battery pull. If that doesn't work you are going to have to re-install the os.

    Since your DM isn't seeing the BB you will have to force it to find it.
    1. Load Desktop Manager and plugin the BB
    2. Click on the link where it says Device connected (PIN) none. None is a link
    3. When it comes to the connection manager click on the menu below Connection Type
    4. Select USB then Okay.
    5. It should then go back to the main DM screen and start installing the OS.
    Note: You may want to uninstall the OS that screwed up from your computer and and install an earlier version that worked.

    Also, if you have JL_Cmder you may want to try to completely wipe the BB. Since it isn't being found by DM JL_CMDER may not find it either.

    Hope this helps.
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