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I can't seem to get animated GIFS with music as a SMS or a MMS ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Help with animated gif messages


    I can't seem to get animated GIFS with music as a SMS or a MMS to play. They are sent from people with phones like the Razor, LG, Envy etc. on the same network as mine ( Verizon ). When I get the message it will show the GIF for about 1 second then it dissapears, then the music plays. It will also give me the option to open the attachments or slides but still not GIFS. I can get Video messages from anyone and the videos plays fine. In the past when I opened one of these messages it would kill the audio on my phone and I would have to hard reboot for my phone to work even though I could still receive SMS and MMS messages, just the audio on the phone died. I was told the new OS 4.5 would correct this. The only thing it fixed was now if I get a animated GIF message it still does not play but my phone does work and I don't have to reboot. Is there a setting I need to change or is this not supported? I have 2 Curves 8330 OS BIS on Verizon with the unlimted BB plan.


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    save the gif in your pictures folder... from there you can view it in full

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    Also when downloading the attachment sometimes it will save as a jpg file. Not sure if you can rename with the filename extension. Seems as I was able to when I had the problem. Of course it doesn't end your playing them together problem. I just watch the image then listen to the sound and if its a joke or funny you should be able to merge the 2 in your head lol. I know its annoying but I haven't yet found a way to fix it either. Good luck.
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