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    (HELP) tethering with my sprint bb 8330


    Hi, I've been trying to use my BB as a modem for last couple of days and I've found that there is no longer any official support for this thorough sprint. I found a third party alternative called tether (formally tetherberry). On the website I noticed that the app uses APN and it says that some carriers charge extra for APN usage. So basically my question can I be charge extra if i have an unlimited data plan with sprint. Also are there any other options when it comes to phone as a modem? If not is any sort of crack for tether?

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    We don't offer or condone cracks here on pinstack. If you want the software, pay for it.

    However, google "how to tether my blackberry 8330 sprint" and you will find a lot of guides to help you. If your carrier notices you are suddenly using a lot more data than usual, they may cut off your data, then again they may not notice. Its kind of a crap shoot.
    Also make sure your "unlimited" data is not capped at 5 gigs, you will get a nasty bill if you go over it. I'm talking a couple hundred to a couple thousand higher.
    Tether will use data just like manual tethering. So make sure your not capped if you do buy it.

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