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Hello All- Well, I was hoping I wouldn't have to post for help, but after ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Help - Signing in to BIS - No HTML


    Hello All-

    Well, I was hoping I wouldn't have to post for help, but after searching, I could not figure out what to do.

    I ordered my 8310 Curve from ATT online. It arrived Friday, and I went through the device setup process and set up my Gmail. It worked, but then I began receiving the duplicates, and searched to find how to prevent this occurrence. The instructions said to log in to my Blackberry Internet Service account and adjust the filters accordingly.

    So, this is where I ran into my issue. When I use my laptop to navigate to the ATT BIS login, and try to set up a new account, I enter the PIN and IMEI, and receive an error that says my account is not accessible by HTML browser, and to use my device to access my account.

    Well, I have tried the browser on my device to access the same page and get an error message on it as well.

    So, please help me out and tell me how to access the BIS somehow?

    Thanks everyone.

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    That is a drag, but setting fileters on that page is the only way to do it, So it sounds like a call to AT&T is in order, I know sometimes we have to reset pages for people at TMO, what you have to do si set a filter that says to not send mail to the device if it is from your e-mail address.
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    Go to the site from your phone and create a username and password, then try again to access it from your desktop.

    ~via BB (

    EDIT: I wanted to be a little more clear. Use the "Personal Email Set Up" icon on your phone to go directly to the mobile version of your BIS page. Once there, you are given the option to set up a username and password, which you need to do before you can access the site from a desktop browser. Also, if you try to use the direct address and the BB's browser to reach the page, it will send you to the same mobile version that doesn't have the ability to set up filters and whatnot.
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