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Got unlocked TMOB 8900 a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to load ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Help re:download of maps & apps


    Got unlocked TMOB 8900 a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to load apps for epocrates and slacker, with no luck! I also can't watch Youtube videos. Youtube says I have JavaScript turned off. I don't.
    For Epocrates, the installation gets to 30% and then an error message pops up and says the directory is full. I think I have more than enough memory (if thats what it is referring to) to download this program on my phone.

    Any suggestions.

    Re: slacker, the message I get when I try to login says "Login Failed. Cannot save account information: Directory full."

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    for youtube,
    are you going to if not try that, if you are going there try going to, if you know the name of the video you can just download it onto your phone and not have to bother with waiting on buffering times and other trash like that.

    for the slacker app; I'm totally taking a guess at this one, anyone else please feel free to jump in on this one. I would back up your micro SD card to your computer and format it. it kind of sound (to me anyway) like it has lost the file structure and it is try to save to a fold that either does not exist or is corrupt of what have you, so I say, Delete that slacker app, Format the card (after backing it up first!) and re-install.
    hopefully you'll be all good again!
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    Hmm well im just gonna take a stab at this. Maybe try to do a battery pull (when in doubt, pull out) or try to load a different os or resend service books? But I honestly dont know what other problem it could be.
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