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Hi all, Going abroad from UK on hols on Thurs but i need a bit ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    HELP PLEASE. Need to unlink email from BB !!!


    Hi all,

    Going abroad from UK on hols on Thurs but i need a bit of help to get my BB holiday ready!

    I need to unhook my BB from my home email account and alos need to make sure that my bb DOESN'T get any emails while im away.

    I tried to "manage my connections" and turned off all connections but I suddenly couldnt make phonecalls or send and receive texts!!mare mare mare!!!!

    While Im abroad i just need my BB to work as a phone, able to make and receive calls--and able to send and receive text messages and MMS!!

    I DEFINITELY DONT NEED ANY ACCESS TO EMAILS/INBOX ETC....and prob wont even need to use the internet browser cos under my UK contract once i do that abroad they charge me a huuuuge amount of £/$ and i will have my laptop with me if i do need access.

    So, please help with basic instructions and i will raise a holiday beer for you in return.

    Thanks all and best wishes for the holiday season!!!

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    Happy holidays to you as well!

    You should have in your Manage Connections settings, a setting for Mobile Network Options. You can turn Data Services off and back on in there.

    If you don't have that setting, you can just call your provider and ask them to turn off the data portion of your plan until you advise them to turn it back on.


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