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IDK what happened i installed a theme and all of a sudden i got a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Help Please I Beg


    IDK what happened i installed a theme and all of a sudden i got a error 523 and nothing works i tried java loader i guess im not doing it right i dont know what to do plz im starting to accept that i have to loss everything which is fine i just need my phone to work any ideas how i can fix my phone plz help
    Pierre Kamel

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    My Computer>Drive C>Program Files>Common Files>Research in Motion>App Loader

    Plug in blackberry device without the battery, then click on LOADER, run it, then when you see the part where it says connecting to device or something like that put the battery back in.

    This basically will wipe your device and you will start from scratch, I hope you have backed up your device recently, so when this process is done, you can restore everything.


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