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Hey sorry for the questions but i just got my berry today and need some ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Help i'm new!


    Hey sorry for the questions but i just got my berry today and need some help on gettin used to things...

    first off,
    i'm trying to download some themes for my Blackberry curve.. im reading the instructions on how to download themes and sync it to my blackberry, i got as far as zipping the files into a folder.. now it's asking me to go to desktop manager but i can't seem to find it. so i need help from there..

    and second,
    i want to add my hotmail account to my berry but it doesn't seem to work. it keeps saying i have to go to some link to enable it but it still doesn't seem to work.. and when i go to create a new email address it says there is already an account set up to this pin. how do i use the email if it's not set up yet?

    sorry for the questions!!!

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    Re: Help i'm new!

    is your phone used. if so it must be released from the previous owners account. You have to get them to release it. If not there is a nice member who would be able to do it by the name eatmypiano. Pm only once and I mean once he will do it within 3 business usually.

    as for the themes you should have gotten a cd with that must be installed on ur pc as well. any other questiosn feel free to message me or pin me
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    Re: Help i'm new!

    if i were you, i would download DM from RIM, not the CD that was given to you...

    use the drop down menu and choose desktop manager 4.2 service pack 2

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