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i am having a problem with one of my 8310 one of them when i ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    help backing up & saving third party app


    i am having a problem with one of my 8310 one of them when i select switch blackberry device and backup only the third party apps and click next it backups the appys, then i go to the temp folder and i have the alx and cod file i need to reload my appys but the other 8310 when i select backup third party apps and then click next nothing happens but if i select the other check boxes it will back up my other stuff but not my third party stuff is there a setting i am missing or something some where i am not seeing i compared the phones through options and i did not see anything different.

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    I'm having the same issue... I want to backup but cant find the thread... Anyone with a like please be so kind and chime in.

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    Backing up does not save Third Party apps, you need to do that seperately. If you have the .cod or .alx files on your PC then you should be fine.

    If you have a app that was only OTA you will need to download it again.

    The switch device wizard is just for switching devices and not backing up.

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    I downloaded Lingo from the games section of the BB Mobile site. Is there no way then, that I could back that up in case I switch devices or need to reset this one? I know they cycle their games that they have up there for OTA download, and I really like this... don't feel like losing it in the future, you know?


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