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I'm new to the bb world but can someone help me out with getting some ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I'm new to the bb world but can someone help me out with getting some new themes on my phone ?

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    what do you need?
    Desktop manager?

    if it's OTA just point your phone's browser at the link and it will download and install.

    if you are using Desktop manager you must make sure that the theme is for your device and that it is for your Operating system.
    (for example a theme built for OS 4.5 will not work on OS4.2)
    download the file (usually it is in a .zip file containing an .alx and .cod file)
    extract the .zip file's contents to a folder and connect your phone to your computer and start desktop manager. go to app loader and "Browse" for the folder you extracted your theme to and load the .alx file.
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    Let us know if you need further help. Remember that the theme that you plan to install must be compatible with your BB model and OS version. Take care. ~via BB (

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    www.***********.com , they offer a lot of themes you can download right off the website to your phone, without the use of a computer. and they have quite a few nice ones, you need to sign up for a member ship which is FREE, but thats the only thing ^_^ . Good luck

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