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Hi everyone. I got my BB bout a week ago and I love it. I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    hello everyone


    Hi everyone. I got my BB bout a week ago and I love it. I used to have a w810i and I liked it, I just wanted something with a better web browser. Anyway, I can't wait to read everything I can about this phone. This is my first BB btw. I just wanna make this phone the coolest thing ever. I'm sure everyone can help a noob like me. I actually had surgery on my feet so ill be browsing this site via BB alot.

    Just a quick question. How do I get the blackberry messenger started? Do I get someones pin first? I really have no idea. If anyone would be willing to communicate with me, it would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks guys! Can't wait to contribute to the site.

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    Re: hello everyone

    Welcome to pin stack. You will see pin numbers under profile names and in signatures. Feel free to add me. If you have any questions just ask.

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    Re: hello everyone

    yes just get the pin and add them as a contact and they will add u they must have a bb and a proper bb data plan provisioned on the account...if you want a good web browser goto on your bb browser it makes web pages look nicer

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    Re: hello everyone

    Welcome. You sure came to the right place to learn about BB's. This place is awesome. To get started on BB messanger you need to add contacts. It will send a message to the person you are trying to add and ask them to accept. Pretty much the same as AIM.

    Hope your feet are OK.

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    Re: hello everyone

    Welcome, welcome to the Greatest Place On The Net to learn about, be apart of and share your BB experiences, feel free to add my PIN.

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