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Good afternoon, Been a lurker for sometime so I wanted to post and introduce myself ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Good afternoon,

    Been a lurker for sometime so I wanted to post and introduce myself to the community. I also need some opinions on the OS for the 8310 Curve from AT&T.

    I installed 4.5xxxx55 yesterday morning from the 4.2 that originally came with the phone.

    I love the new features like new browser, vidcam and the ability to view videos on youtube. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice my volume level to get these new features. I missed 5 calls today at lunch because I was outside my work and was talking to a friend. It wasn't til he pointed at my phone and said it was "ringing"

    Prior to downloading the software I heard that some people didn't have this issue and some did so I tried it anyway hoping that I would fall in the "no issues" group.
    I also heard some good things regarding .4x and .52 OS and wanted to know if I would lose out on the added features by downgrading to 4.5xxx.4x or .52. I really like the ability to view youtube videos on my lunch time and eager to try the vidcam once my memory card arrives hopefully by the end of the day.

    Thanks for listening.....nice forum btw

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    Welcome to our crack house. And as far as your question about the OS goes I dunno, I've heard far too many people complaining about their upgrades and glitches. I'm waiting for the official AT&T release. Good luck though.

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    Welcome to the stacks, sorry to hear your issues with missed calls. I'm sure someone on the Stacks can help you out

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    Welcome to the family. I have tried every version of 4.5. The ringer and call volume is lower than 4.2 on all of them. Have to add a vibrate in there.

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