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    My Headphones Broke Story aka What's Inside the Headphone Wire included with the 8300


    I travelled with my Curve to Boston this weekend and brought along the included headphone/mic set for the plane. Things were going fine until I pulled them on my way back during my layover and heard crazy intermittent static when I plugged them into the Curve.

    I thought the device was messed up until I plugged them into this Sansa e280 mp3 player and got the same sounds. I looked at the cable and found that the sheilding had pulled apart near the jack end of the unified cable, exposing its contents.

    I decided to try and separate the wire completely and try to strip the wires and re-twist them. (The cable was useless anyway so I figured might as well give it a shot) Here's what's inside the headphone wire that comes with the 8300:

    The two ear bud wires meet into a single black cable leading to the (mic enhanced) miniplug. This is where the shielding separated. Inside the headphone cable are three shielded wires are red, black and green. Wrapped around these three wires is a large copper wire.

    Anyhow, the red and green cables actually have red and green wiring inside them. The black wire contains silver wire. I believe but am not sure that the red and black wires are for left/right headphones, with the green being for the mic. However, I'm not sure what the copper is for then, other than to possibly ground?

    Either way, the three shielded wires were incredibly small. I wasn't able to properly twist them back together by hand so I had to use the plane's headphones when I got back on my way.

    I'd like to try and send them back to RIM, as these certainly did not get rough treatment from me. They were in a small pocket of my backpack, wound up as I would any other ear-bud set.

    Anyhow, hopefully this information was useful to someone. Be careful with your included headphone/mic bud set!
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