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The company's towering list of recent problems (collected from reader e-mails, forums and media reports) ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Has Apple Bitten Off More Than It Can Chew?


    The company's towering list of recent problems (collected from reader e-mails, forums and media reports) spell out deterioration of the general Apple user experience:
    - MobileMe e-mail outage, web-app issues and inadvertent credit-card charges
    - Compatibility issues with tapeless camcorders
    - Problems staying on the 3-G network with iPhone 3G
    - A buggy iPhone 2.0 release
    - OS X Leopard bugs
    - Mac Pro sleep issues
    - Poor MacBook Air battery lifeAnd on top of that, enraged Apple customers are uniting in Apple support forums -- particularly in the MobileMe and iPhone 3G threads. Some of the country's most famous tech columnists are displeased with Apple's recent behavior, too. A quick Google search of "Apple + it just works" bring up mockeries of the slogan in top results with headlines reading, "It just works indeed," and, "Will MobileMe 'just work' for the rest of us?"
    "Apple, it seems, now has to deal with the average Joe and the average Joe is considerably more cranky than some turtle-necked fanboys in their loft in SoHo," Biggs wrote.

    And yet, Apple hasn't changed any of its ways. The corporation continues to operate behind closed doors. When Apple makes mistakes, such as the MobileMe e-mail debacle, the company puts up a vague status message -- while 20,000 users are left without e-mail access for a week. To make matters worse, Apple downplays the problem as affecting a meager "1%" of users.

    "Unfortunately, they are dropping the ball, not communicating, and adding to the problem by increasing the frustration of their users via their unwillingness to shoot straight with us," MobileMe user Joe Holley wrote in the support forums. He mentioned that the lack of mail access may have robbed him of a potential job opportunity.Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, said he's been in general very pleased as an Apple customer. However, he noted a recent change: In the past when he called Apple's customer service, he didn't have to wait at all; nowadays, he has to wait several minutes. He added that the Genius Bars at Apple stores are becoming increasingly crowded.
    These might appear to be trivial issues, but combined with the aforementioned list of user problems, they suggest that Apple isn't keeping up with its rapid growth.
    If the company doesn't address these problems quickly, it could wind up looking more and more like its Windows-based competitors.
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