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Recently my buttons stopped working. The ball will scroll but I can not click anything. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Hard Rest 8330?


    Recently my buttons stopped working. The ball will scroll but I can not click anything. I read through the other forums and they say it is probably because of some type of water damage and that I should either a. take the battery out for a while and try later, or b. perform a wipe of handheld. Well I tried the first option and didn't work, now I want to try to reload the OS. My question is, how do I reload the OS if I can't push any buttons on the handheld? Is there a way to perform a hard reset from desktop manager, or any other way? Thank you in advance.

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    If you connect to your pc, and reload the OS via desktop manager, it should work.

    If it is water damage, I don't think a hard reset will work. My tb stopped clicking on my 8130 because of water damage, it was in my pocket while I was working and sweating profusely, and I had to get another phone. Unless you can buy the tb click board, I think that's what you might be looking at.~via smartphone~
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    I'm thinking If its water damage, means its kinda like hardware damage and reloading or upgrading software (OS) wont help.. But it doesn't hurt to try..

    Since u can't type I'm guessing u can't unlock ur device.. You could connect ur desktop manager and when prompted to type your password on the desktop manager, Type a wrong password 10 times, and ur berry will just wipe all data with no chance of recovery unless you had done a backup before it broke.

    I've never used jlcmd so I don't know if u have to type a password when wiping.. Maybe someone can chip in about jlcmd
    Gd luck..

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    Yes, you still need the password for jlcmd.

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