Ok, i've been having this issue for some time now and its just been getting worse and worse. i used to be able to take out my battery from my BB 8330, let it sit, remove and re-install Google Sync, sign back in and we'd be good. Now, i can't even login because there is some type of failure to to network problems. so far, i've checked my connections, changed my software permissions and have done everything else i can think of but for some reason, i can't get google sync to work.

i've done some research online and found out that many people have updated their APN/TCP data in their phones and voila, fixed, but for me and all the others with Sprint, we don't have that. What do we do? is there a fix out there for us? am i missing something?

Plus, i've tried synching my BB calendar to my outlook but my BB desktop manager won't let me synchronize them due to some setting issue with the wireless synchronization setting. any help with this too?

sorry but this is getting really frustrating since i have to use my calendar for work appointments.