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I was thinking of installing google maps on 8330 curve from alltel, but I had ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Google maps questions?


    I was thinking of installing google maps on 8330 curve from alltel, but I had a couple of questions

    I have read some articles but was 100% clear on the info,

    1) if I install google maps It won't work if I install or have installed gmail???

    2) does google maps work as a navigator like telnav ???

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    To answer your first question it will work. I had it on my curve and had gmail on it and it worked perfect.
    2. It will work like telnav how? Speaking directions no, but it will tell you how the traffic is and the fastest way to your destinations. Hope this helps.
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    Gmaps doesn't care if Gmail is on your device.
    Gmaps doesn't really compare to Telenav. Yes it can give you directions and such but its first and foremost a mapping app, not a navigation app. Can't say if it will work with GPS on Alltel, none of the 8x30 BlackBerry can get GPS in Gmaps on Verizon but can on Sprint, so YMMV.
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    Gmaps can also work without using GPS at all, os if its blocked by your carrier or something it will just use cell triangulation... useing the towers around you. I have seen it work on an 8100, and even a pantech duo I installed it on.

    IT also has a little blue arorrow that moves on the map with you (although not always the most accurate. But it is close enough.
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    Gmail should not interfere with Google Maps in any way. If you're looking for an app that can give the turn-by-turn and voice, check out AmazeGPS. It's free and works pretty well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgburns View Post
    .......... Can't say if it will work with GPS on Alltel.............
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    I'm 8330 on Alltel (just converted to Verizon because of the buy-out but haven't switch from Alltel BB and, once I installed my GPS started working (not flawlessly mind you) with Google Maps. FYI, the GPS seems to like BB Maps better but it works with both of them. I have to start BB Maps first to (sort of) kick it off and then it works.

    There's no guarantee that it'll work for you - it never worked for me before .160. Hope that's a help.
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