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    Going from Tmobile G1 to 8900


    I have been a long time BB user and ventured into the dark side for a few months and decided that less than one day of battery life on a phone is not acceptable. I liked the Android because of its exchange functionality but the battery life and other quirks are simply not tolerable anymore for a business user like myself.

    My questions are:

    How is the GPS on the 8900?
    What is the best deal with Tmobile right now, the are currently offering $149.99 with free shipping and activation, I can sell my G1 for $200 so the upgrade is a wash.

    Are there any new phones coming into the tmobile line up that I should wait for?

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    I have the 8900 currently and the GPS is OK - you really do need o be outside with a clear view of the "sky" for it to pick up a signal but that's the case with just about any GPS device. T-Moile will be releasing the new trackpad curve shortly but, I believe, it's a step down from the 8900. I also think that $149 is the best deal, at least from T-Mobile. You can't go wrong with the device.

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