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So the 8320 is my 4th BB I have owned, and I recently decided that ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Given up on 8320 and TMO...


    So the 8320 is my 4th BB I have owned, and I recently decided that was enough. Dont get me wrong, I have LOVED every BB I have had with the Pearl and Curve being my favorite, but recently I have had way too many problems that one should have with a cell phone that cost's as much as they do. Keep in mind, I keep an updated OS on my BB's, regularly clean them and pull the battery and frequent this site to keep up to date. Now that being said, on with the ranting...

    I have had my current 8320 since Nov 2007, and currently have the OS. For starters the trackball began giving out on me late last year and I scored a couple of OEM tracballs from my local TMO store. After a few weeks those also starting giving out. I couldnt roll down, or if I did I had to press down really hard while rolling down, and at best it would jump around (up,left,right) until after a few seconds I would eventually get the it to where I wanted to go. I of course would remove the trackball and ring, clean out the are using PC dust blower, wipe down the actual trackball, and still continue to have problems. I even ordered one from CNN and its a little better, but I still have issues.

    After waiting patiently for the latest OS to come out, I downloaded from TMOand was very happy to finally be able to stream video/audio. Again, after 3-4 weeks I began having issues. First, it began running really really slow. For instance, I would select or type a letter and roughly about 8-10 seconds later what I did would finally show up on the screen, not good. Also, I am no longer able to stream video/audio like I once did which is really irritating to me. Recently I downloaded and installed pandora mobile on my wife's BB (8320) after updating her OS to the same one I have. I installed pandora mobile with no problems what so ever! It runs perfectly fine on her phone, she has had no problems. I tried downloading and installing the same pandora mobile on my 8320, and no luck. It does not recognize my phone as "capable" and it tells me "your device does not have stream capabilities" I have tried several ways with no luck. Before you suggest this, yes I have downgraded back to my previous OS and reinstalled my current OS, wiped my BB clean and still having all of these issues.

    Oh another thing I almost forgot. About 5 weeks ago I looked at my phone while at work, and it showed that I had 2 unread messages. I went to messages and opened/read them. Well, since then that icon has stayed on all of this time, even though I read the messages. Again, I did a battery pull and let it sit overnight, plugged it back in and of course, the icon is still there. Of course everytime I get new messages its counts up, but I read all the messages and the icon still is present and it still shows I have 2 unread messages. So I have learned to live with this.
    Thinking back on all the other BB's I've had, it seems to me that shortly after having the BB it began giving me problems. Back then though it didnt really bother me because I was too eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest. I dont feel that such a high tech device should be able to last a little longer than a year in the real world, especially one we pay as much as we do for. I take good care of my cell phones, always have.

    Again, dont get me wrong. I love Blackberry. Everything about them, well almost. I just wish they would last longer.
    So, my wife's contract will be up in a few months and we have decided to make the switch to either AT&T or Verizon, and both my wife and I are really considering switching to the iPhone. A friend of mine at work has the iPhone and she lets me play with her iPhone almost everyday to see if I'll like it or not. We have had Blackberry's for the last 4-5 years.
    Maybe we'll have better luck with the iPhone.

    Just wanted to get this off of my chest...
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    noo never betray the BB. why dont you opt for a bold or one of the other various new BBs on the market? switching to an ilame is like a slap in the face to the BB.

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    I feel your pain. I also have the 8320 and I'm tired of the stalling, the buttons not working correctly or jusr not working, the freezing, the trackball, or whatever other problem it feels like having that day. I also have had it since it was released. And actually have gone through 3 other replacements. I was going to make the switch to the new iphone when it comes out. But I can't seem to break away from my "broken" bb
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    I have a simple suggestion before making the switch.... Try one of the 4.6 berries.....I feel your pain man because I had the 8320 and it just wasnt up to the media stuff speedwise.... Its a great leap with the 8900 and 630 will be even greater a leap ....I get pandora and iheart as well as download and stream videos from youtube . We had to decide wether or not to stick with tmo or just to the att verizon 3g bandwagon but to be honest it just didnt make must sense because we have wifi at home and the prices ,service and just the overall gains by staying with tmo and she has a newly upgraded g1 and I the 8900 ,We couldnt be happier although I did have some g1 envy at first its a great device and whoa alot of apps. i THINK YOU MIGHT JUST HAVE A BIT OF THE TMO BLUES AND ITS OK. While the world thinks their iphones are something and at&t I will still be on tmo catching the savings and enjoying the extra money and better service ....But if it makes your life happier you gotta ROLL OUT...GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, HOPE IT HITS THE SPOT

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