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So I just got an 8320 and I'm setting up my e-mail. My AOL email ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Getting my work e-mail to work on 8320


    So I just got an 8320 and I'm setting up my e-mail. My AOL email set up fine. I set up my work e-mail (it's POP) and got a confirmation e-mail ON THE BLACKBERRY ONLY saying it was set up correctly. But I have been getting work emails all day on my computer, and nothing has gone through to the BB. I tried composing an email from my BB, and it never arrived at it's destination. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Getting my work e-mail to work on 8320

    I'm really new to the BB game (had my Curve less then a week, and it's my first time into the world of BB) but I had the same problem all week. I did 2 things that took care of it.

    1 - I had to call my ISP provider for our work email accounts, and have them change my password. Not sure why, but that's what the Cincinnati Bell phone techs told me to do. Did it, and my e-mail account for work set right up.

    2 - I was having the same problem with getting emails through outlook at work, but nothing on my phone. If I close my outlook at work, my emails go through no probelm. If outlook (at work) is open, no email to my BB. I think there is a way to change this preference in outlook, but I haven't figured it out yet. Try closing outlook and have some from your work send you an email, and I bet it goes through to your BB.

    In outlook, I think he pref you need is under tools - email accts - change your acct - more settings - advanced... and select the box that says "leave email msgs on my server for_days." Hope this helps...
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