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as I am switching from the Pearl I was wondering which apps and themes people ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Smile Getting my NEW red Curve in the mail today and


    as I am switching from the Pearl I was wondering which apps and themes people who have switched find most useful. I know later on tonight I will have a few questions too so I'm also going to be posting those as well just thought I'd start this early since it seems to be the only thing I can think about today at work, lol!

    One thing I can think of right off the bat is I'm using an older theme, I think it's the iPhone15 theme... and ever since all the themes got mixed together, I have had a hard time finding new ones that I like, does anyone know off hand if that theme or one similar was ever made for the Curve?

    You guys rock, thanks in advance!

    Oh and BTW funny part is over the last 2 weeks I converted my best friend and my whole family from their regular silly phones to BB's! I got made fun of for having one this time last year, but I'm the one who's laughing now as they all ask me how to's everyday! YAY for BB's!

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    Welcome to the Stacks. There are a bunch of themes that you can get for your phone right here at this site if you havent already checked them out. And for apps it really depends on what your looking for I use Google talk, Google maps, Google search, Vlingo, as far as apps. Game wise I got pipes, spider solitare, and bomb sweeper.

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