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Dear all, I wanted to ask how does the Blackberry Push E-mail technology work? a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    General Blackberry 8320 questions (Orange UK)


    Dear all,

    I wanted to ask how does the Blackberry Push E-mail technology work? a stupid question to ask i know, but im new and just curious thats all.

    If i was to open my email in my BB, when i access my main PC at home will that show the e-mails i opened from my BB to the PC basically will the inbox update itself when i next time login to check my email on my PC.

    Does anyone have the Blackberry 8320 Emerald on Orange UK? are they known glitches with the handset etc. Is it a good handset ive played on one i like the feel over the Bold its smaller and looks way sleeker that its new 3G counterpart.

    Can E-mails be kept for a long time is there a strict limit for the inbox, so can i send an email if its been kept in the inbox for over 6 months.

    Also can data roaming be switched off on the 8320 while im abroad so that i dont rack up a huge bill.

    The Pin/Blackberry Messenger Service whats the difference? I presume Pin is ideal if you are in the designated country while Messenger i can speak to anyone from the UK to the US for example for free using small amounts of data etc.

    Which version of 4.5 is safe to upgrade too, do i do initial setup on the handset then proceed in upgrading my firmware to 4.5?

    Also is it worth risking updating to 4.5 or is ideal i wait etc until a full release version is avaliable, i believe this may not be for a while.

    Ive heard horror stories of battery drainage as well as phones crashing etc and things not working.

    Any help of these questions would be appreciated,



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    Assuming you are on BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) the Blackberry servers actually poll your email accounts every 15 minutes looking for new messages. If the server detects an active email conversation it will poll more often until the activity slows. This is not a wireless syncronization therefore your read emails (or even deleted emails) will not be reflected between the PC and the Blackberry, unlkess you delete it from the server before the PC or BB reads it.

    I am not sure the details of forwarding older emails but I think that once they are deleted from your server (by Outlook or other on line access) you canot forward them and you will get an error message. I also note that older emails attachments are not always available.

    Under Menu - Options - General Options in your Messages Folder you can set the Keep Message to Forever, however the BB will begin to delete messages if the memory gets low, regardless of this setting.

    Yes, Data Services can be turned off go to Options - Mobile Network

    Before you start loading new operating systems I suggest you may want to become a bit more familiar with your device....
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    Awesome thats cleared things up,

    Yeh i think i need to play around with the device before getting in to technical side to it.

    Out of curiousity, which version of 4.5 is stable to use etc. the video recording is a bonus to be honest.

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    Guru, Welcome to the stacks. You've just received help from one of our finest - GaryF.

    Be aware that for the 8320, is a fairly stable one. You'll experience the memory drain to some extent but it's not a bad release if you want the video recording. When you're ready to upgrade, we'll point you to help and even hold your hand as you go through it.

    I agree with Gary that you should probably get familiar with your device for a while before moving into 4.5 and read through some threads in the stacks to get an idea of the nature of the releases. I ran with for a good while and I've moved on to a later one but it's beta and I can't provide a link to it.

    Good luck and, if you have questions, problems or things to share, we're always here.
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    General Blackberry queries,

    How does the Blackberry push e-mail technology facility work e.g. with my Gmail, is it through GPRS or WAP im using a BIS consumer account. Does it really matter how fast it is, is there a specific time it comes through i presume its real time. If i was to explain to a newbie that is, i work in a phone shop we dnt get that much training with Blackberries!

    Also if i was to open my emails in Gmail on my BB would they be shown as open when i login in to my main PC?

    Can i keep emails for a certain amount of time and re-send if need be or is there a specific time frame etc.

    With 4.5 i knw everyday there seems to be a new version released im quite new to Blackberry and i think its great it does everything i want it to do. Is it worth upgrading the Video recording would be sweet is the camera also there in the update would that not get changed.

    Would 4.5 upgrade by itself when im in desktop manager, when doing the upgrade do i keep the sim and memory card in or do i take the latter out.

    Is Blackberry messenger free of charge, so can i talk to someone in USA while im here in the UK and it would come out of my data bundle.

    Is Pin only free of charge if that person has a Blackberry in that particular country i presume it would cost say if i was to speak to a mate in india who has a Blackberry through Pin. If it was UK if i knew someone else without one i can speak free of charge using data bundle.

    Orange give 250mb i presume that is more than enough data allowance for Blackberry as the data is compressed etc.

    Sorry for the stupid questions just curious any help would be appreciated.

    Was i wrong to purchase the 8320 and wait for the Bold, this is my first Blackberry so im looking to understand it. Is it easy to use etc.



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