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Hi, I just upgraded to and wanted to know why the font size is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Font size on and problems with OperaMini


    Hi, I just upgraded to and wanted to know why the font size is soo much bigger than 4.2, is there a way to make the font size smaller in addressbook, the brower, etc. Also is anyone have trouble with their opera mini after upgrading. Mines doesnt seem to want to load pages. Thanks.

    Edit: Stupid me, i just had to change the font size in screen/keyboard, but im still having problems with operamini.

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    don't know about opera mini but you can alter your font size by going through options and to screen and keyboard. I don't remember if it affects ALL txt or just some. you can also download themes or have one special made for you.
    if all you want is a font size change I can do it for you in two seconds.
    but there is a variety free themes out there. try a couple out and see what you think.
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