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I have 7 different email accounts linked to my BB. To access these accounts I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Folder Security Help


    I have 7 different email accounts linked to my BB. To access these accounts I created a folder on my BB and have moved all individual emails accounts into this folder. I know I can hide this folder and then no-one can read my emails even if they get access to my BB, but this type of security is not safe enough since all they have to do is unhide the folder. Is there any way I can password protect a folder? I have a password to protect my BB so no access or accidental phone calls are made, but once you unlock my BB, it gives you full access to my entire phone to include my files. I have sensitive information in one of my emails since I'm envolved in law enforcement and need access to this email. Can I protect it even though I've unlocked my BB? Help or suggestions is highly appreciated.


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    Re: Folder Security Help

    Do you work for the CIA or do you have a mistress? = )

    Sorry, I'm not aware of any sort of security for that sort of application.

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    Re: Folder Security Help

    I don't know of any either, but I would think that if you use an adequately strong password for the BB itself, you shouldn't worry too much.

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    Re: Folder Security Help

    The question is... is whats that important to hide when your the only one using the device. Im hoping your the only one using the device. I have not been a very long BB owner but for me its like anyone touching my device is hands off!! But as for something to hide those or password protect. I thought i heard of an app that does that or could be my imagination.. I dont remember for sure. ill look around.

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