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Just got back from my run; 6miles baby on the snow . Anyway, just as ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Just got back from my run; 6miles baby on the snow . Anyway, just as suggested above, don't get all fancy with crackutil unless you know what you're doing. Even so I still wouldn't tamper with my other core apps. Just go in using crackutil and delete the theme's that's causing the white screen of death. Then umplug, reboot and in seceonds you should be back on your bb . Once again thanks so much for the advice. Maybe we should add a sticky for now so that those 8900 users reporting the same issue with themes created with the new beta CDK 4.7 can bring back their bb's from death. I'm not going to make any 8900 themes until the official CDK comes out for this very reason. This could happen to anyone but I'd suggest you use crackutil to get rid of that theme and THAT'S IT. No need to fiddle around with your other core applications and what not. So, 8900 users who perhaps are reading this, use the app and use it wisely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoGro View Post
    Try it without DM. Go into the AppLoader folder and double click the Loader executable.

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader

    Once the screen comes up, you'll need to get ready to connect your device to the PC. Once you click Next, connect your device and you'll see that it says COM1, but once that switches to something like USB-PIN Unknown, this is when you'll need to be quick and click the Next button. If you hit the timing right, you should be able reload the OS.

    I'm back up and running w/no errors. I was able to do it with this method. Thanks for all the suggestion

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    ask me
    also try to run the app loader without battery, maybe you gonna have to try some times, and if you are lucky, made a backup of your contacts on your email account or create 1 with hotmail or yahoo just to store your contacts bro....suerte
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    A great lesson to be learned here is to back up your device regularly!!

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    Yeah rat hopefully you are doing a backup now!
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    I have gotten a message similar to that the only difference it was error message 502 or something like that and from wut the bb tech guy told me, it meant i had a virus on my phone. ANywho wut i had to do was use my desktop manager to fix it. First off, you had to had the most recent upgraded version of desktop manager and handheld software. once that is completed, you go into your desktop manager and attempt to back up your files on your phone (good luck with that because i couldnt) once you have finished backing up your files, you go to application loader, then select update applications. Basically this is going to remove all applications from your phone and put them back on. Your contacts should be in order unless they are saved to the phone. Hope this helps and feel free to let me kno if i left anything out!

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