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    Email sync/config help required


    I have used an 8800 for a year with no probs.
    I changed to an 8310 last week and like it; however, I use Outlook Express on my PC [which is not on all the time] but have noticed that an Email that I recieve/downloaded in Outlook on my PC is deleted from my BB. This didn't happen with the 8800.
    I really need to keep all my Emails on the BB, and likewise to read them on the PC.

    Thanks for your help



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    I am not sure why it didn't happen on your 8800 as it did on my 8800 and now my 8820. If I am correct that is how BIS is supposed to work. If you check your email in outlook then you are going to loose it on your bb(if your bis is syncing correctly). This is my theory. If anyone here has a better answer then please share
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    I've had this happen too. What's going on is that your BB is getting your messages and seeing that there are 5 new ones. When you go to Outlook, it's taking them off the server. Then, you go into your BB Messaging and it realizes that they're not there anymore and removes them from the unread list.

    I've found that once I read them, this won't happen. Also, I find that it only happens for me when I'm using IMAP instead of POP3 for my server setup.

    Good luck! My computer retains my master message list so I'm really okay with it removing messages from my BB once they are in the computer inbox. Less to deal with on the Berry!
    As always, just my opinion...
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