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I am hoping that someone who has some advanced knowledge can help me. I have ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Email Return Receipt


    I am hoping that someone who has some advanced knowledge can help me.

    I have both my work and personal email on my curve. Neither one through enterprise.

    I want to prevent my device from sending a return receipt when an email is read. Is there a way to default it not to send or to prompt me whether I want to send one or not if one has been requested by the sender? Currently, it appears that one is always sent if asked for by the sender.

    Also, is there a way for me to request a return receipt for emails I send from my device?

    I know I have this option in outlook, but cannot find it here.

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    Re: Email Return Receipt

    I'm pretty sure that's only available thru the email client and not on the handheld itself

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    Re: Email Return Receipt

    I have an 8703e through Alltel and mine does not send an automatic receipt request when I read an email on my BB. It does prompt me to send a read receipt once I open up that same email in my Outlook. You may confirm that your Outlook isn't set to automatically send that read receipt when an email is open if you have your BB settings set to "sync" with your email server. My email is also set to "Leave mail on server for 2 days" so it doesn't immediately recognize that an email HAS been read until I actually pull it down in Outlook and then I can tell it yes or no to the read receipt.

    Maybe you can adjust your settings as I described above and see if that solves your problem.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Email Return Receipt

    The return receipt settings for the 8300 are located in the messages options -> email settings. You can configure for each mailbox: confirm delivery, confirm read, and send read receipts.

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    Re: Email Return Receipt

    The 8800 also has the same options. The Cingular 8700 on v4.2.1.96 and the Verizon 8703 on v4.1.0.377 do not, but the T-Mobile 8700 on v4.2.1.66 does.

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