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Hi .. happy 4th of July from someone stuck at work..... Now on to my ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Email Question please help


    Hi .. happy 4th of July from someone stuck at work.....

    Now on to my issue....

    I have several email accounts tied to my BB... One of them is a work account on AOL. When i am not at work someone else is at my workstation. What i am having a problem with is this. When i get an email on my BB and read it.... it takes away the email as NEW on AOL so the person at my workstation does not see it.

    How do i read the email on my BB yet keep it listed as new on aol until the person at the PC reads it?

    Any ideas?

    Hope someone can help....

    Be safe today with all the fireworks..... Later!!!

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    go to you messages

    hit the blackberry key (the one with the dots)
    mark it as "unopened"

    this will unopen it in your mailbox

    i just tried this to see if it would work (on yahoo)
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    Go into Messages, hit the Menu button (button to the LEFT of the trackball) or Click the scroll wheel and select Options, then select Email Reconciliation.

    In Email Reconciliation, hit [Space] until Message Services: changes to your AOL account, then scroll down to Wireless Reconcile: and hit Space to change it from On to Off.

    You may also want to change Delete On: to Handheld or Prompt to prevent or choose if it's deleted from the actual Mailbox.

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