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    Email Notification profiles linked (?)


    I recently switched from an 8300 to an 8900 (both AT&T). I used the device switch application within the desktop manager to make the swap. I have always had two email accounts set-up, neither of which is BES. I just noticed on the 8900 that the notification settings for the two email accounts seem to be inextricably linked. e.g. if I change the notify tone for one, it also changes for the other - I cannot set a separate/distinct tone for each account. This was not the case with the 8300. I have tried deleting and recreating both email accounts but this did not eliminate the problem. Am I missing/forgetting something obvious here? OS is (353)

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    Are you changing the notification tones through Profiles? Through there, I am able to setup a different notification sound for each of my accounts.
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    Have you tried going into Profiles > Advanced > Menu
    Select Edit. Highlight your email address. Click on it. Then pick a ring tone. Then Save. And pick a different one for the other email and save.

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