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this is for my dads BB. he has email alerts coming to his vzw email ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    email issue with vzw 8330


    this is for my dads BB.
    he has email alerts coming to his vzw email address
    this is his work BB on BES
    he shuts his BB off at night. Normally has quite a few emails when he turns it back on.
    Last weekend when he turned it on he had no emails to that address. He knew this was an issue as there should be a bunch. He did the batt pull, and whatever other trouble shooting he could think of. He called VZW CS they couldn't help and transferred him to RIM support. They were able to settle the issue. He asked if the emails that should have shown up overnight would come through and they said no.
    Anyways yesterday he receives all the emails from the weekend before. But here is the thing. They are showing up in his main mailbox and not in the mailbox for the VZW email. I haven't gotten to play with it yet, but he said that he did a batt pull and no luck.
    I know that you can set it for the email only to go to the designated box, and not to the main mail box. But can it go the other way around?
    any ideas?
    thanks in advance

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    Hello Jason,

    From what I gather in your message, your father will have to maintain memory space on his BB. What happens sometime is that if the memory is full (i.e., call logs, mms, pictures, applications, etc) then the BB will not sync properly. The device only has about 56 MB of free space (unless you have an sd card). Messages on (assuming he uses outlook/exchange) takes up memory even if they are in a sent folder or even a deleted BIN. He would have to delete all of his messages in his deleted BIN and what ever messages he doesn't want in his sent folder. Then he would have to maintain his inbox as well.

    Of course I'm speculating without knowing who he uses for his messaging agent at work. Taking the battery out hard boots the device and will more or less re-register the device with the network, which in some cases helps.

    I hope this helps...
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