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Hi everybody, I need to adda BUNCH of people to a "group" on my address ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Editing Address Book


    Hi everybody,

    I need to adda BUNCH of people to a "group" on my address book. Is there an EASY way to add the names/numbers BESIDES doing it on the BB itself?

    Basically, I would rather do it through the PC because it would be quicker for me to type out the peoples names/numbers with a full size keyboard and a number pad.

    Also, I noticed that if you have a "Group" of people, that those name/numbers also must be on the complete list. IF you add the group, then delete of the main list, that it deletes the group as well. What's the point of the group if you CAN'T group all numbers separatly (business/personal).


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    If you have Outlook or a similar program you can do it from there.

    As for the Group, yes they do need to be in your address book before making a group. I'm not understanding your last part though if the name is in a group then why are you trying to call only one number?

    You have to remember this is a blackberry and the main function is the Email options. So basically if you wanted to email the group then you just select the group and email away.

    If you're looking to just seperate your address book into different categories then you should use the category function. Within each contact is a Category edit that and you can just filter you address book.

    So once you have it all setup, just hit menu then Filter and select the category you want.

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    If you have Outlook, that works well. If you don't have Outlook try using yahoo. create a yahoo account, enter the addresses and sync to yahoo via the DM

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    With T-Mobile you can go into My T-Mobile and and several names and numbers on a list and dump them into your phone then you would have to group them. I have 600 contacts in my phone using outlook and catagories.

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