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Has anyone tried earthcomber for the 8310? Gps won't work for me, and it won't ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Has anyone tried earthcomber for the 8310? Gps won't work for me, and it won't run in the background. Any simular experiances?

    mobile (dot) earthcomber (dot) com

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    Lightbulb Re: earthcomber

    The issue of running in the background is one that we are aware of and will try to correct in the future.

    We have tested Earthcomber on an 8800 which also has built-in GPS and it works well. Be aware that it can sometimes take awhile for a GPS unit to get a fix. Earthcomber will show a yellow satellite dish icon on the second tab while it is trying to get a fix. When the fix is made, the icon will turn green. In the meantime, your position will be whatever it was before turning GPS on. You can change the frequency of GPS scans in the Personal->Advanced Settings page. The default value for the interval between GPS fixes is 10 minutes. You can change it to be as short as 1 minute. In order for the new interval to take effect, you must turn off GPS (select a previous location, for example: The second tab icon will change to a bullseye). Wait for 15 seconds. Then turn GPS back on.

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    I just tried the latest earthcomber 3.0.7. It does not appear to work with the built in GPS on the 8310 yet. Google maps, blackberry maps, cacherberry, gpsed... all work fine with the built in GPS.

    I even fired up blackberry maps, got a lock and then switch over to earthcomber, leaving blackberry maps running, and earthcomber did not report a gps lock and blackberry maps did.

    I checked the permissions for earthcomber and everything is set to allow.

    I have 4.5 running on my 8310 which is on the t-mobile network. (unlocked att&t phone)

    Any ideas?

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