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I truly feel your pain. You seem to be handling it well. I know if ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Dropped my Curve


    I truly feel your pain. You seem to be handling it well. I know
    if it were me I'd probably be in tears right now :cry:

    Before I got the case for mine - which just arrived yesterday - I had it
    in a little blanket. Never set it on any hard surface without that little cloth
    blanket. I also use a small polishing cloth to wipe it each time I use it.

    Friends or anyone that doesn't have a Blackberry just doesn't understand...
    like others above have said, it's like dropping your BABY. I'm feeling you! :-(
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    Re: Dropped my Curve

    well, to add to this lovely posting so far... i drove over my 8700g a few weeks ago.

    here is what happened... i back out of my parking lot in the morning and saw something lying on the ground in front of the car. when i looked closer, i realize what i had driven over. the clip of the case must have come loose at the bottom edge of my belt, and when i got in the car, it came off and slipped under the car, perfectly in line with the left front tire. the device was still in the case, so it didnt look too bad, but it was totally shot! i had asurion insurance through tmobile tho, so i just paid a deductible and got a new one.

    i dropped it and drove over it. :-(

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    Re: Dropped my 8700

    omg i completely know how u feel i just got my brand new 8700c blackberry and i walked up the stairs all exited but to my my suprise when i was walking up the stairs it flew right out of my hand and into the wall! pieces everywhere! to make things even worse i did not buy insurance so i literally punched a hole right through my 300 year old kitchen door! i felt like killing someone! so at least ur not a phsyco about ur blackberry as me ps blackberry=life

    omg i know how u feel
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