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I'm trying to add a "free" yahoo account to the berry and it no longer ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Does yahoo (free) still work with the Berry?


    I'm trying to add a "free" yahoo account to the berry and it no longer accepts on the BIS web entry screen.

    I enter all the details and I get the following message in the BIS.

    Can someone tell me if they've disabled this service?


    I can't see anything of the like that says this on the Yahoo blackberry page

    ************************************************** ****

    Message from BIS

    To add your Yahoo!® email account, you must first enable POP (Post Office Protocol) access within Yahoo!. To enable POP access within Yahoo!, click here to open Yahoo!'s support page and follow the instructions.

    Once you have enabled POP access to your Yahoo! account, return to this page.

    x I want to add a different email account.

    x I have enabled POP access to my Yahoo! email account and want to add it. [FONT=arial]
    "Yahoo!" is the registered trademark of Yahoo!, Inc. All rights are reserved to its owner.

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    I have yahoo accts on my bb without any problem. Haven't added one in awhile tho. ~via BB (

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    From the website :

    Or, input into your phone's browser and follow the easy directions.

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    Same with mine - got a yahoo and a ymail linked up and never have a problem.
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