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    Disable Myfaves from Curve


    I just got my Curve last night and then I unlocked it this morning for T-Mobile use. I loaded the o2 os on my phone in order to get my browser back. I also edited the alx file in order to give me access to all the other themes. Everything was going smoothly until I saw something I didn't want to see, the myfaves icon. I know a lot of you want the myfaves app on your blackberry (I searched for removal methods and just found people wanting it on their phones), but I want mine removed. I have the service which I love, but I just don't like the app on the phone. I just want a uniform caller ID function, and it makes changing ringtones just a tad bit more tedious. When I had my T-Mobile Dash, I flashed the firmware to the HTC s620 one just to remove the myfaves.

    But anyways, if someone can let me know how to remove it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Re: Disable Myfaves from Curve

    Try removing it by starting up DM>App loader and seeing if you can remove it that way...and
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