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Originally Posted by adriii Where can I find some "Goo Gone?" And for the compressed ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: dirty trackball


    Quote Originally Posted by adriii View Post
    Where can I find some "Goo Gone?"

    And for the compressed can of air... i can do this without removing the trackball?
    Any grocery store or Walmart type place has it

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    Re: dirty trackball

    I learned how to stop the rolling to clean piece by piece~via BB (

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    Re: dirty trackball

    I am so afraid to use the air because I am paraniod that I will ruin it, lol. I love my Curve. I guess I know why the ball on my 8800 is not as bright and white as the ball on my Curve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siccmade View Post
    yes....sounds allot like mine, i also work in a non bb friendly environment, i tried to take my track ball out to clean and ended up braking off the little plastic teeth to the cover that goes over the track ball im currently awaiting a new bb to come in the mail because my trackball will not stay in place. so i too am looking for a better solution to cleaning the trackball without the removing of any parts.
    How I clean mine is I use a Q-tip and a little water and I run the wet side of the Q-tip gently over each side of the trackball for a few minutes with the phone off. I let it air dry for about an hour before turning it back on and using it again. It works for me. I have taken my old Pearl apart and cleaned it as that post described but there is no way I'm taking apart my Curve. Lol

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    Re: dirty trackball

    yea i will try that thanx.....i indefinably will not do that again!!

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