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Originally Posted by crystalized Ok... so I dropped my 3 month old Curve in water ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by crystalized View Post
    Ok... so I dropped my 3 month old Curve in water earlier today!!! My god, sooooo pissed about that. Anyway, I had a friend repair it a few hrs ago and the phone actually works and stays on, where-as before I was getting the dreaded "RED LIGHT" failure!

    Anyway... NEW Issue.... TRACKBALL!!!
    It does NOT scroll up or down, just side to side.

    ~ Did a battery pull
    ~ Cleaned trackball with alcohol
    ~ Cleaned trackball & area around with a pressurized air can
    ~ Applied pressure to the trackball
    ~ Disassembled the trackball itself and cleaned underneath it and below it.


    I did order a new trackball *a black one*... BUT is their any OTHER FIX?!?!?!
    I need my CURVE BACK!!!
    Well you might have to go to settings and adjust the sensability level of trackball then you have to take a real small ring housing for the ball
    ~via smartphone

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    Thanks aces for the input... but done that too.

    Tried a replacement and everything... since the rollerball won't go up or down, I
    'm unable get it to adjust the sensativity settings. I'm pretty sure it's a motherboard issue so probably better as a parts phone. I already have a new Curve on the way.

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