Hi Folks,

I'm experiencing issues with sync'ing my BB with Lotus Notes via DM (we don't have BES, yet). Anyways, periodically (about once a week), Intellisync seems to get confused between which version of an entry is the latest. This seems to be more apparent in Tasks, but I've also noticed this in Calendar as well. For tasks, I'm transferring "All Tasks" so that completed tasks are updated between PCs.

I'm currently using 4.2 SP2. I tried 4.3 but there was no diff so I rolled back. I sync between two machines (one at home, one at work) both using Lotus Notes 7.0.3.

Has anyone experienced this? Notes slams aside, would I be better off using Outlook to sync with for both machines? Could this be an issue using Bluetooth to sync with (vs USB)?