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Hi all, I'm still getting those little "D" icons on delivered SMS messages but am ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Delivered Messages...better notification??


    Hi all,

    I'm still getting those little "D" icons on delivered SMS messages but am looking to be informed when a message has been delivered.

    At the mo if i send a message to a phone thats turned off and that phone later gets switched on i dont get independantly informed that my message has been delivered...i have to scroll back thro looking for the "D" i dont know if the person has just got the message or it has been sat there for ages!

    Is there any setting change i can make that would prompt further notification to my BB of when a SMS has been delivered??

    many thanks in anticipation!

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    i'm almost positive you're referring to Blackberry Messenger rather than standard SMS texts...SMS notifications are as follows: red X means not delivered; clock means trying to be delivered; check mark means successfully delivered; envelopes means e-mail; slanted envelope means texts; and any envelope with a paperclip means there is an attached file of some far as the D...that is a feature of blackberry messenger which has it's own unique symbols...hope this helps

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    The "D" and the "R" also refer to PIN messages....

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