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The telenav and handango programs that come preloaded with the 8900 are annoying me quite ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Deleting Preloaded Telenav, Handango and Ringtones


    The telenav and handango programs that come preloaded with the 8900 are annoying me quite a bit. I've tried deleting their service books, (which does work until u restart your unit, which I do daily, and they pop right back up again). I've tried bbfilescout, but it doesn't give me the option to delete apps. Memmax won't do anything for my situation either. I know I can just hide it but the thought of knowing its there will kill me more... Please help! And by the way why doesn't any of the programs I mentioned above delete preloaded ringtones? How do you unlock them to delete? Thank you in advance! Any advice will help.
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    I hate to be the one to tell you first but here goes. You can't delete telnav or handango because they are pushed to you from your carrier and you are stuck with them. All you can do is HIDE them. Which I know you said you already knew but really there is no other option. As far as the ringtones I am not sure that you can do anything there either. Sorry my answer wasn't a better one but I have tried all I can think of just like what you have done and as of yet haven't found a way to do away with them.
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    If you want to remove the pre-loaded ringtones you would need to have the OS for your BB installed on your computer, navigate to the java folder and figure out which of the .cod files is the ringtones and delete it or change the name of the file extension so that when you run the apploader in the DM the DM will remove it as unrecognized files. I don't have the same device as you so I don't know the name of the ringtone .cod file for your device. It may be a matter of trial and error.
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    To delete the preloaded ringtones just go to the java folder where the .cod files are installed and delete *net_rim_bb_profiles_tunes.cod*. Then run apploader.
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