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hello. i know i can easily wipe the handheld, but that would wipe all of ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Delete Address/Contact List



    i know i can easily wipe the handheld, but that would wipe all of the software i have on the unit. i am handing down my old curve and i'd like to clear my address book and contacts, but i'd like to keep all the software i already have installed.

    pls advise.


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    Re: Delete Address/Contact List

    Options>Security Options>hit menu>Wipe Handheld
    This will erase all of your personal info and restore the device as it was.

    *edit - since you want to keep the software you have installed on it, just do a selective restore
    using DM after the wipe and don't restore the address book or personal information items.
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    Re: Delete Address/Contact List

    You can also connect the BB to your PC and open Desktop Manager. Select backup/restore then Click on Advanced button. On the right side select your address book database and click on the clear button on the bottom of the table. You can use it to delete most things and keep what you don't want to delete.

    Hope this helps.

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