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I'm new to this whole blackberry smart phone thing, but all I know is I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Data Plan


    I'm new to this whole blackberry smart phone thing, but all I know is I love how the blackberry works and I did not want to get into the windows mobile 6 stuff as I have heard horror stories about. I will take all of your advice and go with it. I sure do appreciate the info.

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    Re: Data Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by JCG3 View Post
    Question: i always thought that if you switch SIM cards then you carry the features of the new card with you which would mean that you would need to get a BB plan on the sim card. or does it follow your PIN number assigned to your BB... i dont know but i could see this as a problem if you just simply switch the cards.

    edit: oh now you tell us.... just get the calls forwarded... that is if you dont mind having all your business calls use up your personal minutes...
    You are right, that is why I said that the new account would need the BB add-on. With the BB add-on you should get your e-mail to the device as the PIN stays with the phone, you would just need to update service books. Although you may run into the issue od disassociating it with the current BIS plan and reassociate it with the new plan each time. What a hassle, just forward the number, or better yet see if you can just expense out your current phone plan, maybe the company will reimburse you or pick up the tab. May ask that as well.

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    Re: Data Plan

    its good to know we are on the same page...

    dude, go talk to the guys who have BB's and ask how they did it...

    Atleast you might form a relationship with the upper guys and then they may say "you know, i always liked you and now that you have a BB... well we may have to have little chat about the opportunities around here..."

    haha... good luck man

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