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On my previous Blackberry (8703e, service with Sprint), I could select text from a newspaper ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Cutting and pasting from browser to emails


    On my previous Blackberry (8703e, service with Sprint), I could select text from a newspaper article I was viewing online in the browser, then copy that text and paste it into the body of an e-mail, and the operation would preserve the formatting (i.e., separation of paragraphs of text).

    On my new BB (8310, service by ATT) the formatting is lost and the text is in one big "paragraph" lump. I can sometimes recreate the spacing, because often there is no space between a period at the end of one sentence and the beginning of the next one, which usually seems to mean that the new sentence was the beginning of a new paragraph, but that's difficult and time consuming.

    Is there any way to preserve the formatting/spacing between paragraphs of the article as seen in the browser when copying and pasting? I work on the go a great deal and the ability to send a news clip that I copy online in my handheld's browser and paste into an email that I send from the BB is very important.

    I don't understand what's different about this new unit -whether this is happening because of some change in the browser settings that I don't recognize as being different, or whether it's the OS, or whether it's something different about the provider. All I know is that the day I switched from the 8703e to the 8310, the formatting was no longer preseved. Does anybody know the answer, and have a solution?

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    Re: Cutting and pasting from browser to emails

    haven't heard of this...bumping for some additional help

    welcome to pinstack

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