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Hello, I am having trouble with the profile function on my 8320. I have a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Custom Profiles


    I am having trouble with the profile function on my 8320. I have a handful of people in my address book that I have assigned custom ringtones for in order that I may know who's calling when the phone rings. So for some reason after I assigned the ringtones to the specific callers, when the phone rings I would sill hear the normal default ringtone even though I had gone to the trouble to assign those callers specific ringtones. So after that didn't seem to work, I created a new profile. I then double checked the exceptions and made sure that each new exception box was checked for each caller that I had assigned the specific ringtones for. That doesn't seem to be working either. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, and whenever one of those callers places a call to my line I still get the default ringtone. I have figured out how to set the tones for different functions such as when I recieve a new text or email etc.... and that part works correctly. It's just the ringtones for specific callers that I can't seem to make work. I have searched the forums and followed directions in both the manual and from the forums. Any suggestions or help on this issue would greatly be appreciated. Thank you so much for you help in advance.

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    Re: Custom Profiles

    I have the Pearl and was having the same problem when I first got it. It lasted about a week or two, then eventually ironed itself out. But to be on the safe side, when you assign a custom ringtone in your Address Book, go to your profiles and double check it created a new exception.... okay my friend thinks it could be a memory issue, I don't see how memory would play into this myself... but he says if more than one person are going to share a ringtone, to go into your exceptions and create a new one for that particular group. He thinks if you assign every single person in your Address Book a ringtone it creates so many exceptions that the BB doesn't know what to do. I think that's a load of B.S. myself, I never heard of that, but hey, if it works it works. Hopefully my info or his info helps out and your phone will start ringing a new ringtone sometime soon. Goodluck Royal, and welcome to the stacks.
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    Re: Custom Profiles

    Make sure that the full number is entered intot the address book. Most of the time the caller ID for the income call has the entire 10 digit number. Make sure that the default area and country codes are entered into your BB as sometimes without these, the caller isnot recognized by the device as it matches the incomoe call ID to what is saved in your address book (hence if the income call is 1-888-888-8888 and you have 888-8888 assigned in your address book, it may not create a match). When the call comes in what is displpayed on the screen, is it the caller's number and name, just the name, or just the number? I hope my explanationsare clear enough, but it sounds as if it may be a formatting thing with the address book that isn't matching the income call info to your address book and finding the contact correctly.

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