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i currently have the pearl...ive gone through 2 in less then a week the ones ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    curve vs. pearl?


    i currently have the pearl...ive gone through 2 in less then a week the ones they send me are junk im sending it back and i was interested in either a curve or another pearl maybe 3rd one will be lucky

    what are the ups and downs of the curve compared to the pearl? any features it has over the pearl?

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    Re: curve vs. pearl?

    you already had people offering opinions here didn't really need another thread for it.

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    Re: curve vs. pearl?

    perhaps he wanted a few more curve owners to give their opinion seeing that was posted in the pearl forum, cliff?

    to answer the OP, I've had (in order) the pearl, 8700 and now the curve. for me I found the pearl was uncomfortable to hold and my hands would cramp/sweat over prolonged use of it. for me, the curve combined a full qwerty of an 8700 with the size and media functionality of a pearl and was the perfect combination for me.

    there are 3 versions of the curve so it depends which one you're speaking of. 8300 basically is the equivalent to the 8100 except with a full qwerty and a 2.0mp cam instead of a 1.3. the 8310 gives GPS and the 8320 gives Wifi. One of the benefits to the 8300 series is when 4.3 comes out, it will give video record ability which the 8100 is not supposed to get. Also, if you have the 8320, you will be able to have streaming media ability which will only be provided to newer BB's that either have wifi or 3G.

    imo, you should base your bb choice on the keyboard and work from there, not just the minor feature differences. if you prefer suretype, you can wait for the pearl 2, which will balance the features b/t the two models.

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    Re: curve vs. pearl?

    ~via BB (

    Check out the other threads for wider opinions..

    Coming from pearl, I think the curve is a wonderful lil gadget. The pearl maybe small but I think my 8320 is lighter.. I really like the keys on this curve, it is very easy to type especially with qwerty. Suretype, sure I love it too but then sometimes I want to be able to spell out "foreign" words easily.

    Changes? Well I duno if the curves ball changes color but I don't think so.. The curve is packed with entertainment options like the pearl such as 2mp camera, oh really good flash. (Often praised because of the bright flash for a phone)

    I also admire the curves (8320) wifi. The att's curve I think got gps. Both great stuff.

    Oh plus the wide and bigger screen. So nice especially looking at pictures. The phone is bigger but lighter but then again it wasn't an issue.. Blackberry it is.

    Also, I noticed that this phone never gave me some fro2n moments.. Plus the reboot is only couple of keys to press I am not sure if there is on the pearl.(Please correct me if there is).

    Overall, my upgrad is worth it. I went to 4 pearls total in one year all because of the ball.. Maybe the fact that my pearls gone through hardcore impact. My curve hasn't been dropped and is working great.

    Go check it out. And also check the posted threads and see for yourself. Hope u have safe holidays. Happy 08

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